15 students

Shaping and Editing Your Freewriting

How to use freewriting to create poetry, fiction and memoir

This course is designed to follow on from my previous course An Introduction to Freewriting so please complete that course before taking this one

This seven-part course builds on An Introduction to Freewriting.

In a series of short videos, I guide you through a range of different ways to use freewriting as the basis of edited, finished work including poetry, fiction, screenplay and memoir.

The same playful approach to writing as in the introductory course continues here with games, writealongs and interactive exercises to ensure that you do plenty of writing during the lessons.

At the same time, there is lots of clear advice on on how to edit freewriting for a reader.

Lesson 1

Seeing, Naming and Cutting

The first lesson invites you to develop close observational skills and to experiment with extracting very short poems from expansive pieces of freewriting.

Lesson 2

Describing and Selecting

This lesson combines exercises in ekphrasis (which is writing from visual images) with using different points of view.

Lesson 3


In this lesson we play a game called Word Strings. It’s a random method of creating very short narratives that have a built-in plot structure.

Lesson 4

Finding the Beginning

This lesson is all about backstory. Freewriting is great for producing it but how should you use it in a story?

Lesson 5

Listening and Revising

Freewriting dialogue in different voices is easy and fun. This lesson shows you the best way to present and edit dialogue.

Lesson 6

Retrieving Memories

This lesson uses memories of places to inspire freewriting about the past. After considering the process of memory retrieval, we travel in imagination to a place from long ago.

Lesson 7

Turning Memory into Story

The final lesson guides you through the transformation of a memory, which has been accessed through freewriting, into a crafted piece of writing that uses literary techniques borrowed from fiction.

Money Back Guarantee

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this course but, if you are not entirely satisfied, I guarantee a full 30-day refund.