This course was fully booked but could not run due to COVID19 restrictions.

I hope to offer this course again in the future.

Please click here for my online courses.


Here are some comments from people who took the Kyffin cafe course last time:-


“I enjoyed it all, even the parts that I thought I would struggle with.  There was a really positive and encouraging vibe set by Kathy.” Wanda

“This course has given me far more than I could have imagined.”  Sara

“I liked the tutor’s meticulous pre-planning for each session.”  Paddie

“I particularly enjoyed the surrealist games and was surprised at how my writing developed over the weeks.”  Jane

“It was comfortable, friendly and confidence-building.  I was a little nervous about sharing my work but actually felt safe when it happened.”  Sue

“The worksheets and prompts were excellent.  The tutor’s approach was empathetic, respectful and non-judgemental.” Julia

“I really feel that freewriting has been a pivotal tool in springboarding me into writing unselfconsciously.”  Elaine

“It was what I hoped: a kick up the arse.  I realise now that writing something, however crap you might think it is at the time, is better than not writing at all.”  Jeanette


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      kathyhopewell says:

      I really hope so! This will be up to the Director of Lifelong Learning at Bangor Uni and, if it happens, would begin at the start of October. Please check back later in the year to find out. Thanks for your interest in my course!

      • Pippa Bondy
        Pippa Bondy says:

        Thanks you Kathy, i will do that. Ive done several retreats with Natalie Goldberg. I’ve put a reminder in my diary..
        Many thanks, Pippa.

        • User Avatar
          kathyhopewell says:

          Hi Pippa,
          I don’t know if you are still interested but I am hoping to run a freewriting course independently next year in Kyffin cafe, Bangor.
          There’ll be more details after Xmas.
          Season’s greetings!

  1. User Avatar
    Caroline Bateson says:

    I really enjoyed the last course on the short story. It got me reading short stories again, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them.

  2. User Avatar
    jackiegear says:

    I enjoyed the course immensely and will feel a void in my life now! Please,all of you, send me your finished story. I expect you can get my email address from Kathy. Not sure whether I should put it up publicly.

  3. User Avatar
    mountain1 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. It was an excellent course and a big thank you to Kathy and everybody else in the group for making so absorbing and enjoyable.

  4. User Avatar
    Jayne Edwards says:

    Glad to have this resource Kathy. I have read all of your blog with keen interest , particularly the idea for your novel about the dead speaking to us- my type of material!
    Please let me know details of future courses- free writing , writing with intent etc. as they become available.


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