Another Five-Minute Freewriting Prompt

Tea with Heathcliff

In a freewrite, imagine sharing a drink with a fictional literary character: what do you say to each other? what are you both wearing? what is the drink? where is this happening? when is this happening? 

Don’t be constrained by the prompt but follow your pen/mind where it wishes to go.  If you set off to have tea with Heathcliff, for example, and meet your sister instead, that’s fine.  Simply switch seats and have a chat with her instead.

And you don’t have to meet with a character.  It could be an author.  Dead writers are likely to give you more leeway for imagination.

For instance, it might be fun to get drunk with Ernest Hemingway!

When you are ready, click play on the video opposite to freewrite along with me.

At the end you’ll hear the timer ring.

The only rule is to keep writing for the whole five minutes.

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