The course above, starting on March 9th, is fully booked as is a SECOND course starting on March 16th, in the same venue also on alternate Saturdays from 9.30 to 12.30. 

If you would like to hear about future courses please contact me using the comment box below.

I hope to develop an online course later this year.

Who is it for?

Any writer, beginner or experienced, who would like to try spontaneous writing (otherwise known as freewriting).  Freewriting is a way to generate material that can be used as the basis of creative writing including poetry, short stories, memoir or novels.

When and where is it?

Kyffin Cafe is at the far end of the High Street, towards the railway station, in Bangor, Gwynedd, North Wales.

The dates are:

Saturday March 9th or 16th, Saturday March 23rd or 30th, Saturday April 6th or 13th

a break for Easter, then:

Saturday April 27th or May 4th, Saturday May 11th or 18th and Saturday May 25th or June 1st

Will I have to read my writing out loud?

No.  Freewriting is by definition rough, private, usually illogical writing and you will never be expected to read this to the group.  Later on in the course, when we start excerpting, editing and polishing the material generated by freewriting you’ll sometimes be invited to share that, but never compelled.

What do I need in terms of equipment?

I advise that freewriting is done by hand, so you’ll need a fast-flowing pen and plenty of paper.  If you find handwriting difficult for any reason you can bring a laptop but it’ll be up to you to set it up (plug it in, keep it quiet etc).  By the way, the room is not accessible to wheelchair users.

Will the classes be very serious?

Absolutely not.  The whole point is to approach creative writing in the spirit of play and enjoyment.  I’ll aim to keep order but I’m hoping it’ll be more like a party than a classroom!  There will be games.



9 Responses to Courses

  1. Pippa Bondy says:

    Will Kathy Hopewell be offering another FREEWRITING AND REWRITING course in 2016.
    Thank you, Pippa Bondy..

    • kathyhopewell says:

      I really hope so! This will be up to the Director of Lifelong Learning at Bangor Uni and, if it happens, would begin at the start of October. Please check back later in the year to find out. Thanks for your interest in my course!

      • Pippa Bondy says:

        Thanks you Kathy, i will do that. Ive done several retreats with Natalie Goldberg. I’ve put a reminder in my diary..
        Many thanks, Pippa.

        • kathyhopewell says:

          Hi Pippa,
          I don’t know if you are still interested but I am hoping to run a freewriting course independently next year in Kyffin cafe, Bangor.
          There’ll be more details after Xmas.
          Season’s greetings!

  2. Caroline Bateson says:

    I really enjoyed the last course on the short story. It got me reading short stories again, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them.

  3. jackiegear says:

    I enjoyed the course immensely and will feel a void in my life now! Please,all of you, send me your finished story. I expect you can get my email address from Kathy. Not sure whether I should put it up publicly.

  4. mountain1 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. It was an excellent course and a big thank you to Kathy and everybody else in the group for making so absorbing and enjoyable.

  5. Jayne Edwards says:

    Glad to have this resource Kathy. I have read all of your blog with keen interest , particularly the idea for your novel about the dead speaking to us- my type of material!
    Please let me know details of future courses- free writing , writing with intent etc. as they become available.

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