This course was fully booked and is now suspended due to COVID19 restrictions.

I hope to offer this course in a fully online format later this year.


Here are some comments from people who took the course last time:-

“I enjoyed it all, even the parts that I thought I would struggle with.  There was a really positive and encouraging vibe set by Kathy.”

“This course has given me far more than I imagined.”

“I liked the tutor’s meticulous pre-planning for each session.”

“I particularly enjoyed the surrealist games and was surprised at how my writing developed over the weeks.”

“It was comfortable, friendly and confidence-building.  I was a little nervous about sharing my work but actually felt safe when it happened.”

“The worksheets and prompts were excellent.  The tutor’s approach was empathetic, respectful and non-judgemental.”

“I really feel that freewriting has been a pivotal tool in springboarding me into writing unselfconsciously.”

“It was what I hoped: a kick up the arse.  I realise now that writing something, however crap you might think it is at the time, is better than not writing at all.”